Gmund Hanf – a real game changer

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With Gmund Hanf, you can make a statement for ecological action. Hemp paper is the sustainable alternative to conventional paper made from wood – resource-saving, high-quality, durable and recyclable. Up to 100% European hemp is used in this creative paper sensation. A soft feel with a wild surface, design meets nature – and entirely legal. 

Hemp paper

Hemp was used for making paper very early in the history of civilization.


The plant

Hemp (Cannabis) is a genus in the hemp family. Hemp numbers among the first plants utilized by humankind.


Until 1883, between 75% and 90% of the paper produced worldwide was made with hemp fibers. This was also the case with the Gutenberg Bible, for example. After the cultivation of hemp was prohibited in many countries, hemp paper disappeared from the scene. In the meantime, the cultivation of commercial hemp has been permitted again in large parts of Europe.
The plant is popular as a renewable resource because it is problem-free to cultivate and completely usable. No herbicides are needed because the plants completely shade the ground after only a few days, so no weeds can find light. Hemp is also extremely pest resistant, requires little care and produces more biomass than any other domestic crop. Hemp is extremely versatile in its commercial applications and is appreciated for its high durability, environmental compatibility and low energy footprint.



Advantages of hemp for paper production

  • A field of hemp yields four to five times as much paper as a forest of the same size
  • Hemp grows four meters per year
  • Hemp can be harvested three times per year; by comparison, a tree needs about seven years to grow
  • Hemp does not deplete the soil, so it can be replanted immediately after harvesting
  • Hemp fibers are long and very stable; compared to wood pulp, hemp pulp has four to five times longer fibers, as well as higher tensile, tear and wet strengths
  • Hemp fibers are naturally very light in color and accordingly require much less bleaching
  • Hemp improves the future recycling process and can be repeatedly recycled



Gmund Hanf at a glance

Three varieties: 

GOOD – Gmund Hanf 10%
BETTER – Gmund Hanf 50% 
BEST – Gmund Hanf 100%

Available in grammages of 120 g/m² and 320 g/m²
Suitable for all common printing techniques for applications such as brochures, packaging and greetings cards - but not for smoking!


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Gmund Hanf

Puošnusis popierius, kanapių (10-100%), baltas , nedengtas, matinis paviršius

Gmund Hanf

Aukštos kokybės popieriaus vokas, kanapių (10-100%), baltas , matinis paviršius