O selectie de produse din Solutii curatare bucatarie

CIF Professional curatare cuptor/ aragaz

Liquid scouring cream for enamel, tiles, porcelain and stainless steel.

Cif Detergent Dezinfectant 2în1 Lichid

Cif Professional 2in1 Kitchen Cleaner Disinfectant from the Pro Formula line is a washing and disinfecting product for surfaces in places where meals are prepared and consumed. It is especially recommended for cleaning kitchens in hotels, restaurants, kindergartens or nursing homes

Cif Detergent Pentru Geamuri Şi Oţel Inox

Glass and stainless steel cleaner for food preparation areas.


Cif Professional Degresant

Cif Professional Power Cleaner Degreaser from the Pro Formula product line will effectively remove strong grease stains from dishes, pots, pans, hoods, floors, walls and drains. Due to its effective operation, it is recommended for disinfecting public places - hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, nursing homes or kindergartens.