O selectie de produse din Detergenti pentru grupuri sanitare

CIF Professional Bathroom 2 in 1

Cleans all surfaces in the bathroom such as bathtub, shower, sink, WC and mixer. Efficiently solves lime, dirt and batches and leaves a fresh smell and a shining clean result.

Cif Detergent Pentru Curăţarea Rosturilor

Domestos Professional Grout Cleaner is a chlorine cleaning product that simultaneously removes mold, stubborn stains and descaling surfaces. Effectively adheres to vertical surfaces, making it ideal for cleaning joints and other hard surfaces.

Domestos Detartrant Pentru Toaletă

Domestos Professional Toilet Limescale Remover is a product for cleaning acid-based toilet bowls. Thanks to the adherent formula, it quickly removes limestone and leaves a pleasant scent. It should be used on a daily basis or for deep cleaning, leave it for longer so that it can more effectively remove the stone. Safe for porcelain and glaze. Includes patented odor neutralization technology O.N.T. - particles are destroyed and unpleasant odors are effectively eliminated.