O selectie de produse din Produse pentru curatenie

CIF Professional Bathroom 2 in 1

Cleans all surfaces in the bathroom such as bathtub, shower, sink, WC and mixer. Efficiently solves lime, dirt and batches and leaves a fresh smell and a shining clean result.

CIF Professional curatare cuptor/ aragaz

Liquid scouring cream for enamel, tiles, porcelain and stainless steel.

Cif Brilliance Ocean Detergent Universal

Detergent for cleaning floors and other hard surfaces.


Cif Cremă Pentru Mobilier

Cif Professional Wood Polish from the Pro Formula product line is a unique blend of waxes and silicones with a pleasant fresh fragrance. Removes dust, fingerprints and stains, thanks to which the cleaned surfaces have a natural gloss. The product is perfect for cleaning furniture in hotels, restaurants, kindergartens or nursing homes.

Cif Detergent Dezinfectant 2în1 Lichid

Cif Professional 2in1 Kitchen Cleaner Disinfectant from the Pro Formula line is a washing and disinfecting product for surfaces in places where meals are prepared and consumed. It is especially recommended for cleaning kitchens in hotels, restaurants, kindergartens or nursing homes

Cif Detergent Pentru Curăţarea Rosturilor

Domestos Professional Grout Cleaner is a chlorine cleaning product that simultaneously removes mold, stubborn stains and descaling surfaces. Effectively adheres to vertical surfaces, making it ideal for cleaning joints and other hard surfaces.