Suprawell corrugated envelopes

Suprawell corrugated envelopes provide good protection for sending directories, books, documents and spare parts. They are available in several different sizes with variable height and can be filled up to 50 mm vertically. The envelopes are made of strong miniwell and provide an extra good edge protection. They are provided with self-adhesive closure and are opened with a perforated short strip on the short side except art no 2068699 which has a long side opening. Delivered flat packed in whole bundles.

Artikkel Bredde mm Lengde mm Kvantum
Suprawell,cardboard 200 280
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Pappkonv brun 250x353 åpn kortsid m tape 250 353
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Pappkonv brun 270x390 åpn kortsid m tape 270 390
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Suprawell,cardboard 330 490
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Suprawell,cardboard 370 540
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Pappkonv brun 740x530 åpn langsid m tape 740 530
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