Enkele producten uit het LFP Specialties assortiment

Avery MPI 8000

Wandfolie, vinyl, glad of getextureerd, uitstekende opaciteit

Cling Film

Statische cling film met een hoge glansafwerking ideaal voor raamdisplays en afbeeldingen. De statische kleefhechting maakt het eenvoudig om te verwijderen zonder residu en zorgt ervoor dat het media herbuikbaar / herpositooneerbaar is. Het PVC oppervlak laat een hoge inkt dekking toe met snelle droogtijden.

Drytac Polar Grip

"Polar Grip polymeric self-adhesive PVC film is the ideal solution when your digitally printed signs or graphics need to be there to stay, whatever the conditions, for up to five years. Polar Grips’s high bond adhesive means you can permanently apply graphics to any surface, such as metal, plastic, wood, glass, brick and more using a premium vinyl with performance you can trust. Polar Grip polymeric self-adhesive vinyl’s unique aggressive high bond adhesive is perfect for graphic applications where flexibility and strong adhesion are required. It allows users to permanently apply graphics onto many different surfaces, such as a decal for a motorcycle helmet."


Drytac ReTac

"ReTac film enables you to install, remove and reposition graphics without leaving residue on the surface. You can print, remove and reposition graphics on a range of surfaces. The ultra-removable adhesive technology allows you to design and print displays for when you need to easily install, remove and reposition graphics. Leave your mark with graphics not residue! Many removable adhesives have a tendency to form strong bonds over time. The Drytac’s Adhesive Science produces a film that maintains its adhesive strength over time. This means the printable vinyl adheres the same way every time without damaging the underlying surface when it is removed. Product Specialist Quote: “The ReTac range of polymeric removable vinyl allows you to create displays that target specific products and areas. For example, you can respond quickly to changing footfall by moving posters from one area of a mall to another to ensure maximum exposure. It is easy to remove and reposition graphics many times without losing adhesion and leaving no residue whatsoever when removed.”"

Drytac ViziPrint Impress

"ViziPrint Impress is available in Clear or White version and is an versatile solution for self-adhesive applications on glass and other smooth, flat surfaces. Add vibrant colours and stunning graphics to window advertisements, screen displays, white goods and more to create visuals that make you stand out. ViziPrint Impress is specifically designed for trouble-free, dry or wet installation of graphics on glass surfaces and other smooth surfaces. The film is designed to eliminate bubbling and is unaffected by moisture. Drytac’s proprietary suction technology ensures that ViziPrint Impress can be removed without leaving residue behind. The versatile film can also be reverse printed and does not stretch."

Drytac Viziprint Deco

"ViziPrint Deco SR is designed to adhere permanently to virtually any smooth surface, including glass, plastic and metal. The scratch-resistant window film is ideal for high end architectural and building requirements as well as a wide variety of custom decorating applications. Apply stunning graphics with vibrantly-rich colours to a smooth, defect-free surface using Viziprint Deco SR scratch-resistant window film. Professionally applied, the film provides a smooth, bubble free finish and scratch-resistant graphics that can be removed without leaving any residue. The product is very durable and is designed to remain in place for up to seven years, making it ideal for long term indoor or outdoor window and building graphics. Scratch-resistant window film ViziPrint Deco SR is a scratch-resistant optically clear gloss PET film with a permanent acrylic adhesive. The high quality permanent adhesive adheres to most substrates, including glass surfaces and is designed for long term placement. This printable window film utilises a special ink-receptive top coat for greater adhesion of inks, and it can be used to create graphics and window decals for retail storefronts and POP or backlit displays. ViziPrint Deco SR is ideal for architectural applications where decorative glass details are needed to create dynamic spaces, including conference rooms or private meeting areas. "