Tork Liquid Soap S1 Premium Extra Mild

Tork 420701 Extra Mild Liquid Hand Soap is perfect for frequent hand washing. The soap has mild ingredients without perfume or dyes and is very gentle on the skin. Fits in Tork soap dispenser S1. Extra mild soap with pump without perfume or dyes Gentle cleansing of the skin Perfect for frequent hand washing Closed refill bottle provides better hygiene The bottle shrinks as it is used to reduce waste volume The bottle fits soap holder Dry Soap pump S1 Environmentally certified with EU Ecolabel Number of doses : 1000, volume 1 liter Unopened bottle can be stored for 5 years. Best before date 12 months after opening packaging

Artikel Hoeveelheid
Tork Vloeib Handzeep Prem.ongeparfum S1 Krt 6 flessen van 1L (420701)