Tork Mild Foam Soap

Tork 520501 Mild Foam Soap is a perfect hand soap for regular washing in offices, hotels, restaurants and public toilets. The soap is easily distributed over the hands and gives a rich and creamy foam with lather. A foam soap bottle provides 2500 doses, which means fewer changes Soap with nourishing ingredients that moisturize the skin Sealed refill bottle provides better hygiene The bottle shrinks as it is used for reduced waste volume The pump soap fits Tork soap pump S4 Environmentally certified with EU Ecolabel Number of doses per bottle: 2500, volume 1 liter Unopened bottle can be stored for 5 years. Best before date 12 months after opening pack.

Artikel Hoeveelheid
Tork Schuimzeep Premium Mild S4 Krt 6 flessen van 1 L (520501)