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Conservation of natural resources and environmental responsibility were top priorities when the paper experts at Lake Tegernsee developed these new papers. Paper is made from plant fibers and is compostable, thus providing nutrients to grow new plants. A perfect ecological cycle. Gmund Bio Cycle goes a step further. Up to 50% of this paper is made from resource-saving fibers such as wheat, straw, grass, cotton and cannabis. In addition to this, there is an ecologic champion made from 100 % used paper.

Setting a statement for sustainability
Gmund Bio Cycle sets a statement for ecological action and provides environmentally conscious companies with conspicuous added value in design, haptics, storytelling and credibility. The paper conveys the message and brand image in the best possible way. True sustainability and natural aesthetics also have a positive impact on consumer behavior, and so the paper offers brands the opportunity to make a non-verbal statement. 

The paper qualities:

Chlorophyll – Blattgrün
Grass cut from Upper Bavarian meadows provides half of the contents of this paper. The grass is painstakingly harvested and dried to achieve the long-fibered structure that’s indispensable for a voluminous paper. Grass grows everywhere. The ecological balance is unbeatable. The paper is radiant with a vivid green color created in part by adding natural chlorophyll. An impressively heavy weight of 600 g/m2 makes this paper ideal for letterpress or silkscreen printing.
Wheat – Stroh
Gmund’s straw paper is much more than a paper for special effects. Up to 50% cellulose from wheat straw replaces classical wood-based raw material here. Containing 5% unprocessed straw from Bavarian farmers, it produces a genuine straw feeling when one runs one’s fingertips over it.
Cannabis – Hanf
High-quality cellulose from European-grown cannabis is visible in the subdued color and sparse vegetal inclusions, and the hemp is palpable in the paper’s slightly coarse texture. Self-evident naturalness makes this paper a convincing and – non-habit-forming! – choice.
Rag – Baumwolle
The cotton used by the paper industry is a waste product from the garment industry. The combination of cotton and FSC-certified cellulose from fresh fibers results in an ecological paper with great purity, durability, a pleasant feel, and an elegant style. The long fibers of the cotton plant assure outstanding results for embossing and letterpress printing.
Cycle – Kreislauf
The use of recycled paper steaming from 100 % used paper, is easily and elegantly evident in this paper’s attractive color: its hue is crème rather than the typical gray of ordinary recycled papers. The unchallenged leader in environmental friendliness, this outstandingly versatile paper is also convenient to process.


In terms of design, haptic, story and credibility, Gmund Bio Cycle gives companies that are committed to the environment an environmentally conscious tool to fulfil their mission. 

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