Because every day should be Forest Day

Forest Day is here, and we are delighted to celebrate this very special event with you! At Payprus we believe our business should support a proactive and precautionary approach to environmental challenges, via policies that seek to harmonise the entire product lifecycle. This includes manufacturers, suppliers and customers.  Today, we would like to celebrate the Forest Day together with Multicopy and tell you more about the sustainability strategy of Multicopy.

Multicopy Sustainability Story

Nymölla mill, where Multicopy is produced, doesn’t own forest land. But the wood suppliers meet Sylvamo’s global fiber procurement policy and primarily comes from within a 90 km radius of the Nymölla mill. The mill ensures wood traceability through a reliable system, verifying its origin for legality and acceptability. Of course, Nymölla mill is FSC® and PEFC certified. Multicopy also sets new standards in terms of water and energy consumption. In collaboration with Gasum, a Nordic energy expert, residual waste from Multicopy production is converted to liquefies biogas. 

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Together we are changing the game, with this in mind:

Happy Forest Day!


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