Be heard
Staff engagement is a core focus area at Papyrus, and leaders are empowered and encouraged to facilitate personal development with the right tools and environment to thrive and develop you further.
In addition to a supportive team culture and constructive reviews, we also try to stimulate meaningful company-wide dialogue. The &Frankly survey provides a regular opportunity for every employee to express their views on a range of topics, with the results acting as both a barometer for what matters to our community and a stimulus for policy going forward.
&Frankly also allows our local teams to share just-in-time feedback on live issues, rather than having to wait until the next survey comes around.
Keep growing
At Papyrus you will have the chance to work on projects, rotate between different functions, work on stretch on-the-job assignments and benefit from structured internal development programs.
We operate a lean organisation, where colleagues collaborate cross-functionally and across countries, and we place good workplace communication and high standards of integrity as top priorities.
A healthy and fulfilling company culture is further enhanced by regular events that help stimulate mutual understanding and teambuilding. A recent example was an event in which teams ‘wrapped a car’.
Students & Graduates
Students & Graduates

Start your career as you mean to go on by joining a company where your skills, your input and your passion is valued from day one.

We offer a range of opportunities tailored to where you are at in your journey and where you are looking to go, including apprenticeships, integrated studies, paid internships and graduate jobs. For more information about what we offer and application process please contact:


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