Flexible covers Multiwell

The multiwell covers are ideal for sending books and documents where you need to be able to adjust the height of the item. Slots at regular intervals on the side flaps allow the height to be easily varied. You can in practice use the book covers for all types of products with the right format. The cover is sealed with a self-adhesive cover strip and opened with a perforated tear strip. Extra good protection for edges and corners. Delivered flat packed in whole bundles. Made from outside kraftliner.

Artikel Længde (mm) Bredde (mm) Højde (mm) Kvantum
Flexible white book cover, multiwell, A5 217 155 50
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Flexible white book cover, multiwell 270 185 60
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Book cover,w/b, MW58,302x215x20-75mm,A4 302 185 75
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Book cover,w/b, MW62, 325x250x20-75mm 325 215 75
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Flexible white book cover, multiwell, A4 330 270 75
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Book cover,w/b, MW68, 455x320x12-55mm,A3 455 320 55
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