Planet positive
Planet positive
We believe our business should support a proactive and precautionary approach to environmental challenges, via policies that seek to harmonise the entire product lifecycle. This includes manufacturers, suppliers and customers. More than merely complying, we strive where possible to outperform legislation.

In 2003, Papyrus was the first European paper merchant to receive a FSC® certification. Today, all Papyrus companies have chain of custody certification, which enables us to guarantee the origin of the raw material of the paper product. This structure is further reinforced by integration into a single, shared FSC® and PEFC multi-site.

Our Group-wide environmental strategy, based on sustainable interaction with nature, sets strict standards – for us at Papyrus and also for our partners and suppliers. Through continuous improvements we strive to reduce and remove the negative impact associated with our products and operations, while addressing sustainability throughout our value chain.

We assess functional, qualitative and sustainability considerations, adjusting our product range to ensure the best buying options for our customers at all times.

Papyrus FSC Certificate

Papyrus PEFC Certificate


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